Discussion Paper Presentation Guidelines

Discussion Paper sessions are 90-minutes long and are designed to provide an opportunity for constructive conversations in a friendly setting. The following provides some additional information regarding the structure of these sessions.

General Format

Discussion paper sessions consist of 3-4 promising papers that address a common topic in a roundtable setting. You are expected to read all the papers assigned to your session and you will be presenting and commenting on one paper of a fellow participant (rather than your own). The leader of your session will provide further constructive feedback on each of the papers and/or future research in the area. The following is additional information on your session.

Your session leader will distribute current versions of all papers among the session participants and inform them of their tasks. Your major tasks are:

  1. Read all papers and prepare at least one insightful comment regarding how each of the papers could be improved or further developed and/or how they contribute to your own thinking or research.
  2. Prepare a 5-minute summary of the paper your session leader assigns to you and up to 5 minutes of comments. To aid your presentation you may prepare a poster (bulletin boards will be available on site) or handouts. Also, please make sure that after the session the focal author(s) receives a written copy of your feedback.
  3. Participate in a 5-minute general discussion of the paper led by the session leader. (Times for this and the other tasks will vary depending on the number of papers in your session.)


Your session leader will send you copies of the papers in your session. Prior to that time you may post more recent versions of your paper on the Academy submission section of the website.

Several days in advance of your session, please share with your session leader your notes and comments on the paper you will be presenting. Just as you desire direct and constructive feedback on your work, we encourage you to offer the same to the participants in your session, especially with respect to the paper you will be commenting on.

Location: Various properties. Please check the program for the exact location of your session.

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