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The Economic Times: Stuck in the past? New CEOs often try to transfer previous company’s culture

Forbes: Robots And Algorithms And AI, Oh My!

Quartz: How to Deal with an Abusive Boss

Thrive Global: The Right Way to Vent Without Increasing Your Stress Levels

BusinessWorld: Towards Inclusion

Associations Now: Global Spotlight: A Big Strategy: Think Small Being your true self isn’t always treated equally in the business world, new study finds

CFO: Are women CFOs less prone to financial misreporting?

CBS News: Why boredom could make you more creative

The New Indian Express: Being friends with award juror cuts chances of winning Oscar, Nobel Prize

Quartz: The surprising benefit of being bored at work

Yahoo Finance: Are managers too busy to be tired?

ScienceDaily: Finding the ‘Goldilocks’ level of enthusiasm for business pitches

The Wall Street Journal: Factories tire of wage wars; give Fridays off, spiff up bathrooms

Forbes: Turning lead into gold: funding opportunities that entrepreneurs miss

Scientific American: Who created Maslow’s iconic pyramid?

Barron’s: Why mission drift can sometimes be a good thing

Quartz: “Maslow’s pyramid” is based on an elitist misreading of the psychologist’s work

Thrive Global: 3 ways to use criticism to boost your creativity

Fortune: Women won’t achieve equal pay by following ’empowerment’ cliches

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