Volunteering with Academy of Management

Each year, Academy of Management (AOM) members from around the world volunteer to serve in both short and long-term capacities. Our volunteers contribute to the collective future of the organization by joining in the planning, direction and decision making of AOM’s programs. Volunteering connects you with others who have specific interests and disciplines, which will help you to expand your network and review submitted research. By volunteering with AOM, you contribute to the value of our scholarly communities. The collective involvement of members is what makes the AOM a valuable network. Enrich your experience by providing individual perspective while strengthening the foundation of AOM as a whole. As a member, you are invited to influence the collective future of the organization. Volunteer participation and involvement in AOM is welcomed and encouraged!

Volunteering opportunities available to AOM members

Ongoing Volunteer Positions

Support AOM by volunteering with a committee or other assignment.

Division Volunteers

Become involved with your Division by being a staff member at their table at the Annual Meeting New Member Orientation.

Presentation Volunteers

Submit papers, symposia, and professional development workshop proposals to one of AOM’s many events, such as the Annual Meeting or Specialized Conferences.

Review Volunteers

Sign up to review submissions to an AOM journals or event program. Reviewing is an excellent way to develop critical thinking skills essential to your own writing and research.

Career Center Volunteers

By volunteering at the Career Center, you will connect with recruiters and learn about position openings in the field.

Volunteer Mentors

Give back to your community and the field of management by mentoring new members at the Annual Meeting and creating tremendous value for your profession.

Leadership Volunteers

Help shape AOM’s future by volunteering in a leadership role on the Board of Governors.

A History Based on Volunteerism

AOM was founded by a group of dedicated scholars to represent and grow teaching and research of management scholarship. For decades, AOM was solely volunteer run. Today, members dedicating their time and talent continues to be integral to AOM’s core of operations. We thank our hundreds of volunteers!

Our volunteer leadership structure has ensured that the future of AOM is shaped by its members. As a professional and voluntary association, AOM strives to create community by building networks that facilitate learning and open exchanges. Volunteering also provides a personal return on investment such as the ability to touch and influence the direction of the AOM, growing your own leadership skills and building relationships with new contacts. AOM's long history of volunteerism has helped to position it as a global leader in the advancement of management, and we celebrate members for their volunteerism, their service in leadership capacities, and their professional accomplishments through our Awards and Recognition activities.

Did you know…

  • Volunteering is mainly centered around specific Divisions and Interests Groups (DIGs), allowing you to connect with those who have similar interests and career paths
  • You can volunteer abroad at our international Specialized Conferences
  • Volunteering allows you to expand your network
  • Volunteer opportunities include submitting an article and presenting your work at our Annual Meeting or at one of our Specialized Conferences
  • Through volunteering, you can influence the future of AOM by nominating members for leadership roles
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