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You value the ability to expand your network and advance your career, stay informed on trending topics, collaborate with management and organizational peers around the world, and be granted access to a myriad of teaching resources.  

These benefits and more, including the opportunity to attend the largest gathering of management and organization scholars in the world at the Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting, are all available to the members of AOM.


Membership Details

Division and Interest Groups

All membership categories are entitled to membership in two Divisions and/or Interest Groups. DIGs reflect a broad range of member interests within 25 management disciplines, with each division offering a range of services tailored to their specific management discipline. We encourage you to review the individual domain statements for each division/interest group to find where your primary interests lie.

Additional Divisions and/or Interest groups (DIGS) can be purchased later in your membership term in addition to the two included at the time of joining AOM. You can join DIGs through your member profile by accessing your Academy Profile tab.  You may also change your current selections at any time through your member profile.

  • All memberships run on an annual anniversary date.
  • Membership and DIG dues are individual, non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Prorated or group memberships are not available at this time.

Did you know…

  • Membership allows you to connect with others in the field of management, both at our Annual Meeting and online through Connect@AOM
  • Academics, students, executives, and emeriti are welcome to become members
  • Members can join two DIGs, both included for no additional charge

Membership Types


Annual Membership Fee: $188 USD

A researcher and/or teacher of management in a college, university, or research institute. Academic members are entitled to vote in all Academy-related elections.

As an Academic member, you will benefit from access to our six research journals, online discussion forums, the ability to find your intellectual home in two or more of our Divisions & Interest Groups (DIGs) (two are included with your membership), and through networking opportunities at our Annual Meeting. The membership will further assist you in your studies, research, and expand your network with potential future employers and colleagues. As an Academic Member, you can share your research and stay updated about the latest trends and research in management.


Annual Membership Fee: $188 USD

A management consultant or other management practitioner, defined as an individual who spends over 50 percent of his or her time in nonacademic professional management. Executive members are entitled to vote in all Academy-related elections.

As an Executive Member, you can expand your network, knowledge, and enhance your management knowledge and skills. With your membership, you can attend AOM’s Annual Meeting, join two Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs) where you can find your intellectual home, and are granted online access to our six research journals. An Executive Membership is worthwhile because membership resources will help you to expand your knowledge of management practices, all of which will help you in your career, in sharing your research, and in expanding your network.


Annual Membership Fee: $94 USD

A graduate student with an interest in the field of management who meets the eligibility requirements. Students pay reduced dues for a maximum of six consecutive years from the original date of joining (including missed or lapsed years) or until graduation, whichever comes first. Proof of student status is required. Student members are entitled to vote ONLY in division elections.

As a Student Member, you have easy access to our research journals, paper proposal submissions, networking opportunities both in-person at our Annual Meeting and online, and our Career Services Center and Job Board. The Career Services Center at our Annual Meeting connects you with future employers, and helps you to improve your resume writing and interview skills. As a member, you can also join two Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs) included with your membership, where you can connect with peers and colleagues who are interested in similar intellectual disciplines. A Student Membership is worthwhile because the resources of a membership will assist you in your projects, job search, research, and academic assignments. 


Annual Membership Fee: $94 USD

Emeritus status is reserved for current Academic or Executive members who have been a member for 10+ consecutive years and are retired and without full-time employment. Emeriti pay reduced dues, retain full membership benefits, and are entitled to vote in all Academy-related elections.

Emeritus members are members who have been in the management profession for at least ten years. By becoming an Emeritus member, you can keep your professional network active by attending our Annual Meeting, participating in AOM’s online forums, and by joining at least two of our Divisions and Interest Groups (DIGs) (two of which are included with your membership). You will also be granted online access to our six research journals which will ensure that you remain informed about the latest research and trends in management. Contribute to AOM’s mission of building a vibrant and supportive community of scholars by sharing and expanding your knowledge of management.

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