Academy of Management (AOM) is a member-driven association governed by a volunteer Board of Governors (the board). In addition, 23 divisions and 3 interest groups, governed by their own elected officers, carry out much of the association's work. The president of AOM appoints committees and task forces to handle new business, undertake projects, and manage specific services such as placement, membership, and the historical archives. Committees, task forces, Journal editors, and the divisions and interest groups maintain connections to the Board of Governors.

Governing Documents

AOM’s direction, structure and operation, and the philosophies by which its members carry out their professional responsibilities, are guided by four documents: AOM's Strategic Plan, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics.

AOM’s Strategic Plan outlines AOM’s mission and direction, in light of growth areas in membership and interest areas, as well as dramatic changes in the field of management research and education. It includes our vision, mission, values, objectives, and strategic direction.

The Articles of Incorporation set forth the basis for the AOM’s legal operation and its not-for-profit status.

The Bylaws outline the structure and general parameters within which the AOM operates.

The Code of Ethics describes the professional goals of members and their five major responsibilities to managerial knowledge and practice, to their students and colleagues, and to the world community.

Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee Survey of Inclusion Summary Report of Key Findings

In 2013, the Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee conducted a survey of Academy of Management membership in an attempt to identify and assess inclusionary best practices as well as potential barriers to inclusion which may impact AOM members.

Despite many positive comments about inclusionary efforts, approximately 50% of respondents indicated personally experiencing exclusion within AOM. This report provides details about members’ responses and suggestions, as well as several recommendations for improving member inclusion at the annual conference as well as within AOM in general.

Click here to read the summary report of the survey's key findings.

Did you know…

  • The board’s strategic plan directs and outlines AOM’s driving goals
  • Once per year, the board releases an Annual Report that includes the President’s Message, AOM’s strategic direction and driving goals, information about leadership, volunteerism, and finances, as well as recognizing excellence throughout the organization.

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