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Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University's Business School

Aarhus BSS: A broad business school with an international outlook

Arhus BSS is one of the four faculties at Aarhus University—a top 100 university according to several international rankings. With approximately 11,800 full-time students, several thousand part-time students, 230 Ph.D. students and more than 550 faculty members, Aarhus BSS is one of the largest business schools in Europe. The school is accredited by the international accreditation bodies AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, the latter specifically applying to our core business activities.

At Aarhus BSS, we bring business and social science disciplines together in a broad business school—a term we use to signal that we place business education in a broader perspective by letting it thrive and prosper alongside strong, core fields of psychology, political science and law. We offer a wide range of high-quality and international degree programmes within the fields of finance, business economics, accounting, marketing, management, corporate communication, business engineering, psychology, law, political science and public administration. Research-based teaching is the foundation of our degree programmes. Thus, our lecturers implement the latest research into their courses with the aim of strengthening students’ learning by presenting state-of-the-art research methods and turning new knowledge into hands-on solutions for real-life situations.

At Aarhus BSS, academic freedom and an international outlook are core values underlying our research and teaching activities.  Our broad scope enables us to attract researchers, lecturers and students from all over the world, who contribute to forming a highly international and academically diverse environment. Today, more than 90 nationalities are represented on campus.

Adding Value to Society

As a broad business school, Aarhus BSS aims to add value to society by creating knowledge within and across our core disciplines. We strongly encourage international research collaborations aimed at solving some of the global challenges facing our society, and our degree programmes are developed in close collaboration with our stakeholders from public and private organisations. In addition, we engage in various collaborations with a wide range of public, corporate, institutional, governmental and professional partners. By being in continuous dialogue with our external stakeholders, we aim to ensure that our degree programmes, research projects and services to society rendered remain relevant, adaptable to change and can develop in tandem with society’s needs and expectations.

About the Department

The Department of Management is one of the six departments at Aarhus BSS.  The department’s research and teaching environment is highly international with a mix of Danish and international academic staff members and PhD students. In addition, we have a dynamic exchange of international researchers, who stay at the department for short or long periods of time.
We employ more than 160 academic staff members and cover a broad range of disciplines within management, e.g. marketing, corporate communication, international business, organisation, HR, strategy, management accounting, innovation management, entrepreneurship, project management and information systems. We aim to conduct high-quality research, and we give high priority to publishing our research in leading academic journals and presenting it at recognised conferences.

Bi Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School is a research-based private not for profit institution that educates people and business for an international, digital and sustainable future. With its approximately 20,000 students and 400 faculty, BI is Europe’s second largest business school. Its academic rigor places BI amongst the top schools in Europe. BI Norwegian Business School boasts Norway’s leading faculty in the fields of economics, management, organizational behavior, strategy and entrepreneurship, marketing and finance.

The vast majority of postgraduate programmes and an increasing number of undergraduate programmes are taught in English. BI has 15 BSc programs, 9 MSc programs, including QTEM master, and a successful doctoral program. BI has student exchange agreements with more than 200 institutions in 48 different countries. Approximately 30 % of BI’s faculty are from other countries than Norway. BI’s MBA programme in China, the BI-Fudan MBA, is ranked 29 in the world, 37 in European Business School (Financial Times, 2018), and as 7 on the 2017 Economist ranking of the best Masters in Management programmes in the world.

BI is a “Triple Crown” business school holding three of the most important international accreditations for  business schools: EQUIS (European Quality Improvement Systems), AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and AMBA (The Association of MBAs). Only about 80 of an approximate 15,500 business schools globally, can pride themselves on having attained a “Triple Crown” status.

BI’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning main campus is located in Oslo. Natural light and open spaces create the sensation of being in an indoor village, a place where everybody feels at home. You are welcome to join the BI family in Oslo!
For more information about BI, please visit 

Esmt Berlin

ESMT Berlin: International Business School with Strong Corporate Support

ESMT Berlin was founded by 25 leading global companies and institutions. The international business school offers a full-time MBA, an executive MBA/MPA, a master's in management, as well as open and customized executive education programs. ESMT focuses on three main topics: leadership, innovation, and analytics. ESMT faculty publishes in top academic journals. Additionally, the business school provides an interdisciplinary platform for discourse between politics, business, and academia. The business school is based in Berlin, Germany, with a branch office in Shanghai, China. ESMT is a private business school with the right to grant PhDs and is accredited by the German state, AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and FIBAA.

ESMT consistently ranks among the top business schools in Germany. The faculty of ESMT consists of 36 members from 16 nations and more than 40 visiting faculty members (as of May 2019). They have a wide variety of backgrounds and collaborate in an exceptional academic environment. ESMT professors have earned their PhD degrees from top institutions such as Columbia University, Cornell University, Wharton School, London Business School, and INSEAD.

In accordance with the school's mission, the role of research at ESMT Berlin is to develop and disseminate innovative knowledge, to foster sustainable economic growth, and to help business leaders succeed globally and tp act responsibly. With its research, ESMT aspires to enlighten the judgment of business leaders and policy makers, thereby improving societies and organizations.

The School’s Mission: From the heart of Europe, we create and impart new knowledge to advance business and society. We develop entrepreneurial leaders who think globally and act responsibly.

Areas of competence: Leadership, Innovation, Analytics

Centers and institutes

Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing (CFRA)
Center for Leadership Development Research (CLDR)
Center for Sustainable Business and Leadership (CSBL)
Bringing Technology to Market Center (BTM)
Institute for Endowment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance (IFEE)
Digital Society Institute (DSI)
Hidden Champions Institute (HCI) 


Deutsche Post DHL Chair: Catalina Stefanescu-Cuntze, Professor and Dean of Faculty
Deutsche Telekom Chair in Leadership and HR Development: Matthew S. Bothner, Professor
EY Chair in Governance and Compliance: Jörg Rocholl, Professor and President
Ingrid and Manfred Gentz Chair in Business and Society: Gianluca Carnabuci, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Lufthansa Group Chair in Innovation: Linus Dahlander, Associate Professor of Strategy
Michael Diekmann Chair in Management Science: Tamer Boyaci, Professor and Director of Research
POK Pühringer PS Chair in Entrepreneurship: Henry Sauermann, Associate Professor

Visit the faculty and research section of our website for information on our faculty, job openings, and recent publications.   

Isenberg School Of Management, Umass Amherst 

The Isenberg School of Management, on the University of Massachusetts Amherst flagship campus is the Bay State’s premier public business school. Isenberg offers AACSB-accredited programs with bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in management, accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management. It also has a bachelor's, master’s, and Ph.D. program in hospitality & tourism management and sports management. Isenberg is home to the Mark H. McCormack Collection, an extensive archive that chronicles the history of modern sport management.

Admission to Isenberg is highly selective.  Our high-achieving students are diverse in both backgrounds and interests.
The school offers an innovative learning environment with state-of-the-art technology that encourages experiential learning and interaction between students and faculty.

Many of the school’s most successful alumni maintain deep, ongoing involvement, serving as mentors, network connectors, and guest lecturers.

A Tradition of Leadership in Business Education: Isenberg is one of New England's first three accredited business schools, has the region's oldest doctoral program, and has accepted international exchange students for nearly three decades. 

  • Founded: 1947
  • Students: 5,200+ (3,800 undergraduates, 1,400 master’s (includes Full-time MBA; online/part-time MBA; M.S.), 66 Ph.D. 
  • Isenberg’s Ph.D. program is the oldest among New England’s public colleges and universities. Its graduates hold faculty positions in industry and at more than 100 colleges and universities. 
  • 43,000 living alumni

Management at Isenberg

The Management Department at Isenberg equips students with the knowledge and capabilities to excel in leadership positions in both large, complex organizations and smaller enterprises.  Our innovative curriculum places special emphasis on skills related to the management of change, sustainability, and entrepreneurship and innovation.  Members of the faculty are recognized thought leaders in a variety of areas, including:

  • Strategic decision-making processes, Corporate entrepreneurship, Management of strategic change
  • Business Leadership: Self-Leadership, Empowered teams, Shared leadership
  • Knowledge and human capital
  • Services management
  • Qualitative research, Alternative paradigms, Cultural and gender perspectives on organizations and management

Department faculty have published research on these and other topics in the field’s most visible outlets, including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Perspectives, Strategic Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science, among many others. Our faculty members have also served in editorial roles and leadership positions in the AOM and other professional groups. 

WU (Vienna University Of Economics And Business)

WU is one of the largest business universities in the European Union and is centrally located in the heart of Europe. The University maintains an excellent position as a center for research and teaching and attracts an international group of students and faculty. It offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs in the area of business, economics, and business law. WU has been granted triple accreditation by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, and is a member of a number of international networks such as PIM and CEMS.

The Financial Times has ranked WU’s Master in International Management program at rank 13 in 2018.

WU Undergraduate Programs
BSc Business, Economics & Social Sciences (in German)
BSc Business and Economics (in English)
LL.B. Business Law (in German)

WU Graduate Programs
in English:
MSc Quantitative Finance
MSc Strategy, Innovation & Management Control
MSc Supply Chain Management
MSc Marketing
MSc Economics
MSc Information Systems
MSc Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy
MSc/MIM International Management (CEMS)
PhD Finance
PhD Economics and Social Sciences
PhD/DIBT International Business Taxation
in German:
MSc Business Education
LL.M Business Law
MSc Export and Internationalization Management
MSc Finance and Accounting
MSc Management
MSc Socioeconomics
MSc Taxation and Accounting
Doctorate Social and Economic Sciences
Doctorate Business Law

WU Executive Academy
MBA, EMBA, MBL and LL.M. programs and certificate programs in German and English

WU has a strong international orientation with about 25% of its 23,000 degree students coming from abroad and 1,000 incoming exchange students every year. With memberships in PIM and CEMS and over 220 partner universities on all six continents as well as a variety of annual international summer universities, WU is part of a network of excellent universities. 

Please see for current job openings. 

Come and explore Vienna, experience WU!

University Of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School

The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS) creates inspiring leaders, researchers and professionals whose research and relations with industry have real impact, influencing organisations as they develop and grow globally.

The School has a distinguished history of research in business-related subjects that spans centuries, beginning with the establishment of the Chair in Moral Philosophy in 1727. This role, which Adam Smith held in 1752, marks the birth of the subject of Political Economy at Glasgow.

The School builds on Smith’s legacy—understanding that wealth creation is for the benefit of society at large, that managers and entrepreneurs are ethically and socially responsible and accountable, and that businesses and organisations need to look for a sustainable future.

Recent publications of our inspiring faculty:

  • An, Z., Chen, Z., Li, D., & Xing, L. 2018. Individualism and stock price crash risk. Journal of International Business Studies, 49(9): 1208–1236.
  • Barbopoulos, L.G., Danbolt, J., & Alexakis, D. 2018. The role of earnout financing on the valuation effects of global diversification. Journal of International Business Studies, 49(5): 523-551.
  • Mazzola, E., Acur, N., Piazza, M., & Perrone, G. 2018. ‘To own or not to own?’ A study on the determinants and consequences of alternative intellectual property rights arrangements in crowdsourcing for innovation contests. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 25(6): 908-929.
  • Nayak, A., Chia, R., & Canales, I. 2019. Non-cognitive microfoundations: understanding dynamic capabilities as idiosyncratically refined sensitivities and predispositions. Academy of Management Review,
  • Okay-Somerville, B., & Scholarios, D. 2018. A multilevel examination of skills-oriented HRM and perceived skill utilization during recession: implications for the wellbeing of all workers. Human Resource Management,
  • Shaw, D., Cumbers, A., McMaster, R., & Crossan, J. 2018. Scaling up community action for tackling climate change. British Journal of Management, 29(2): 266-278.
  • Stoian, M.-C., Dimitratos, P., & Plakoyiannaki, E. 2018. SME internationalization beyond exporting: a knowledge-based perspective across managers and advisers. Journal of World Business, 53: 768-779.
  • von Delft, S., Kortmann, S., Gelhard, C., & Pisani, N. 2018. Leveraging global sources of knowledge for business model innovation. Long Range Planning,
  • Wu, L.-Z., Birtch, T.A., Chiang, F.F.T., & Zhang, H. 2018. Perceptions of negative workplace gossip: a self-consistency theory framework. Journal of Management, 44(5): 1873-1898.

Recent ventures founded by our inspiring students:

  • MindMate: Co-founded by our alumni Susanne Mitschke and Patrick Renner. This app for people over 65 trains the body and brain to reduce the risk of developing memory loss.
  • Once Upon a Whisky: This whisky tour company, founded by Camilo Gómez Pinto after graduating from the Glasgow MBA, celebrates a cultural lifestyle that connects people.
  • WheelAIR: Our alumna Corien Staels set up Staels Design and developed an award-winning battery powered airflow backrest cushion for wheelchair users to help regulate body temperature.

Join us to engage with practitioners and organisations around the world, push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding, and work to make a real impact on society.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

University Of South Australia

The University of South Australia Business School ranks in the top 1% worldwide for excellence in business, research and education, being one of just nine institutions in Australia and 180 globally to be accredited by EQUIS (from over 16,500 worldwide). 

We support business success and sustainable economic development on a local and global scale to influence change where it matters. Our workforce of thought-leaders engage in world-class applied research and share their insights with our students, industry and government partners. These discoveries inform our teaching, transform businesses and affect communities for the better. 

We are recognised and respected for our comprehensive research program inspired by global challenges. Our focus is always on finding practical solutions and creating new knowledge. Numbers tell only part of the story. Our per capita research funding is more than twice the Australian average; over the past four years, our research income has doubled, and we have seen a 50 per cent increase in the number of articles that our researchers published in top-tier journals.

In the 2018 Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) rankings, all of our research was assessed at either above world standard or at world standard. We have particular strengths in Management and Marketing and are one of only three business schools globally with an academic focus on small to medium enterprise business growth.

The real story is about our impact. We work with more than 200 companies, governments and organisations around the world, and many of these are long-standing relationships built on common goals and shared values. We are proud that we have helped many partners change the way they make decisions, develop policies, and do business. We have strong links, individually and collectively, with leading, like-minded research institutions in North America, Europe, the UK and are building equally exciting new relationships in Asia.

The 2018-2019 Academy of Management President, Carol T. Kulik, is a Research Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of South Australia Business School, and co-Director of our Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX). 

CWeX’s mission is to empower tomorrow’s workplaces to achieve excellence in organisational productivity and employee well-being.  Competitive pressures on an international scale are driving organisations to set higher productivity goals, trim costs, and increase efficiency.  In these turbulent times, the link between organisational effectiveness and employee well-being is more visible, and more important, than ever.  The Centre takes an interdisciplinary approach to deliver evidence-based, industry-relevant recommendations that enable organisations and employees to be innovative, agile and resilient as the global marketplace, people, and technology continue to change. 

CWeX’s progressive, world-class research integrates key pillars essential for employee and organisational effectiveness – employee diversity and engagement, organisational culture and change, leadership, people management practices, and work health and safety. 
The University of South Australia Business School has a range of other strengths in research including understanding how brands grow, decision-making and choice, high performance organisations, global strategy and innovation, future of tourism, law and social justice, resource and energy economics, transformation of professional services and sustainable economy. 

Egade Business School, Tecnológico De Monterrey

EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey has built a globally recognized reputation as the leading Latin American business education institution, committed to empowering omni preneurial leaders who create shared value and transform society.  The school´s innovation-led academic model and learning culture, world-recognized programs, distinguished world-class faculty, outstanding global alumni community, and rigorous focus on applying knowledge for impact, have contributed to its standing as the top-ranked Latin American business school by several international rankings organizations, including QS, Eduniversal, Financial Times, and The Economist.  EGADE graduate degree programs include the full-time, one-year MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, MBA for Professionals, MBA in Global Business & Strategy, Global OneMBA, Executive MBA, the EGADE MBA Online, as well as a Master in Finance, a specialist degree in Energy Management, and PhD programs in Financial Science and Business Management. EGADE Business School offers an innovative portfolio of lifelong learning open enrollment and customized programs for senior business and organizational leadership. EGADE Business School is a member of an elite group of just 1 percent of business schools worldwide to hold the acclaimed “triple crown” of global accreditation that recognizes business education excellence: the American Association of Colleges and Schools (AACSB), the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). The School is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a leading network of 30 leading business schools from diverse regions, countries, cultures, and economies in different phases of development, committed to contributing, through business education, to the solutions for major challenges that are typically complex and global. To learn more, visit: #MindsIgnitingChange


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