2018 Leadership

Leadership and Volunteerism

The Academy of Management has a long-standing and rich tradition of volunteerism. Today, this tradition continues as thousands of members contribute their time and talents toward advancing the Academy’s initiatives. Despite increasing pressures and demands on members’ time and attention, a healthy and vibrant volunteer community emerges each year to facilitate the work of the Academy’s Divisions and Interest Groups, committees and task forces, online and extended communities, meetings, and publications. Volunteer members are truly the lifeblood of the Academy—governing, leading, and managing initiatives that connect thousands of management scholars across the globe.

The following AOM volunteers served between August 2017 - August 2018. Our current volunteer leaders can be found in the Leadership Directory.



Activity and Theme Committee Chairs 2017-2018

Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee

David A. Kravitz, George Mason University, Chair

International Theme Committee

Radha Rani Sharma, Management Development Institute (MDI), Chair

Practice Theme Committee

Marc Bonnet, ISEOR, Magellan, IAE Lyon, University Jean Moulin, Co-Chair

Practice Theme Committee

Usha C.V. Haley, West Virginia University, Co-Chair

Teaching Theme Committee

Beverly J. DeMarr, Ferris State University, Chair

Membership Committee

Hamid Kazeroony, Inver Hills Community College, AOM Committee Chair

Placement Committee

Scott Sherman, Texas A&M University — Corpus Christi, AOM Committee Chair

Ethics Education Committee

Janet Salmons, www.Vision2Lead.com, AOM Committee Chair

Ethics Adjudication Committee

Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University, AOM Committee Chair

Ethics Ombuds Committee

Nancy Day, University of MO-Kansas City, AOM Committee Chair


Regina Greenwood, Nova Southeastern University, AOM Committee Chair

Division and Interest Group Officers 2017-2018:

Careers Division (CAR)

Chair, Bert Schreurs, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Chair-Elect, Scott Seibert, Rutgers University
Program Chair, Jamie Jocelyn Ladge, Northeastern University
PDW Chair, Gina Dokko, UC Davis
Past Chair, Corinne A. Post, Lehigh University

Conflict Management (CM)

Chair, Peter H. Kim, University of Southern California
Chair-Elect, Yekaterina Bezrukova, University at Buffalo
Program Chair, Jana L. Raver, Queen’s University
PDW Chair, Jennifer R. Overbeck, Melbourne Business School
Past Chair, Matthew A. Cronin, George Mason

Critical Management Studies (CMS)

Chair, Paul Donnelly, Dublin Institute of Technology
Chair, Banu Ozkazanc-Pan, University of Massachusetts Boston
Chair-Elect, Mark Learmonth, Durham University
Program Chair, Stephen Cummings, Victoria University of Wellington
Program Chair, Ajnesh Prasad, EGADE Business School
PDW Chair, Marcos Pereira Fernandes De Barros, Grenoble Ecole de Management
PDW Chair, Patrizia Zanoni, Hasselt University
Past Chair, Nimruji Jammulamadaka, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Past Chair, Latha Poonamallee, The New School

Entrepreneurship (ENT)

Chair, Christina Guenther, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
Chair-Elect, Donald Neubaum, Florida Atlantic University
Program Chair, Dawn DeTienne, Colorado State University
PDW Chair, Peter G. Klein, Baylor University
Past Chair, Alain Fayolle, E.M. Lyon

Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO)

Chair, Patrick F. McKay, Rutgers University
Chair-Elect, Donna Blancero, Bentley University
Program Chair, Alison Sheridan, UNE Business School, University of New England, Australia
PDW Chair, Eden King, Rice University
Past Chair, W. E. Douglas Creed, University of Rhode Island

Health Care Management (HCM)

Chair, Amy Yarbrough Landry, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chair-Elect, Mattia J. Gilmartin, New York University
Program Chair, Timothy J. Vogus, Vanderbilt University
PDW Chair, Sara Singer, Stanford University
Past Chair, Victoria Parker, University of New Hampshire

Human Resources (HR)

Chair, Deidra J. Schleicher, Iowa State University
Chair-Elect, Ingrid Fulmer, Rutgers University
Program Chair, Christopher C. Rosen, University of Arkansas
PDW Chair, Anthony J. Nyberg, University of South Carolina
Past Chair, Maria Kraimer, Rutgers University

International Management (IM)

Chair, Aya S. Chacar, Florida International University
Chair-Elect, Elizabeth L. Rose, University of Leeds
Program Chair, Anupama Phene, George Washington University
PDW Chair, Jaeyong Song, Seoul National University
Past Chair, Jaideep Anand, The Ohio State University

Management Consulting (MC)

Chair, Amandine Savall, ISEOR
Program Chair, Tonya L. Henderson, Software Engineering Services Corp.
PDW Chair, Eric Sanders, Elmhurst College & Organization Development Economist
Past Chair, Søren Henning Jensen, Copenhagen Business School

Management Education and Development (MED)

Chair, Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan, Clarion U of Pennsylvania
Chair-Elect, Paul Hibbert, University of St Andrews
Program Chair, Kim Gower, University of Mary Washington
PDW Chair, Sabine Hoidn, University of St. Gallen
Past Chair, Peter McNamara, National Uni of Ireland, Maynooth

Management History (MH)

Chair, Stephanie Pane, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Chair-Elect, James M. Wilson, University of Glasgow
Program Chair, Daniel Wadhwani, University of the Pacific
PDW Chair, Andrew Cardow, Massey University
Past Chair, Bradley Gerald Bowden, Griffith University

Managerial and Organizational Cognition (MOC)

Chair, Morela Hernandez, University of Virginia
Program Chair, Brianna Barker Caza, Univerisity of Manitoba
PDW Chair, Abhijeet K. Vadera, Singapore Management University
Past Chair, Spencer Harrison, INSEAD

Management Spirituality and Religion (MSR)

Chair, Mary Finney, Ohio University
Chair-Elect, Michael Andreas Pirson, Fordham University
Program Chair, Charles Thomas Tackney, Copenhagen Business School
PDW Chair, Stacie Chappell, Western New England University
Past Chair, James A. F. Stoner, Fordham University

Organizational Behavior (OB)

Chair, Jeffrey R. Edwards, University of North Carolina
Chair-Elect, Cristina Gibson, Pepperdine University
Program Chair, Sigal Barsade, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Program Chair (Symposia), Daan Van Knippenberg, Drexel University
PDW Chair, Andrew Pierce Knight, Washington Unversity in St. Louis
Past Chair, Kimberly D. Elsbach, UC Davis

Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS)

Chair, Emmanuelle Vaast, McGill University
Chair-Elect, Likoebe Maruping, Georgia Sate University
Program Chair, Ola Henfridsson, The University of Warwick
PDW Chair, Jennifer Gibbs, University of California, Santa Barbara
Past Chair, Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, University of Illinois at Chicago

Organization Development and Change (ODC)

Chair, John Matthew Amis, University of Edinburgh
Chair-Elect, Danielle Zandee, Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Program Chair, Cliford Oswick, City University of London
PDW Chair, David Bright, Wright State University
Past Chair, Julie Wolfram Cox, Monash University

Organization and Management Theory (OMT)

Chair, Marc-David Seidel, University of British Columbia
Chair-Elect, Davide Ravasi, University College London
Program Chair, Peer Fiss, University of Southern California
PDW Chair, Renate Elisabeth Meyer, WU Vienna
Past Chair, Ann Langley, HEC Montreal

Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE)

Chair, Glen Dowell, Cornell University
Chair-Elect, Jonatan Pinkse, University of Manchester
Program Chair, Judith Lousie Walls, University of St. Gallen
PDW Chair, Jeff York, University of Colorado
Past Chair, P. Devereaux Jennings, University of Alberta

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)

Chair, Manpreet Hora, Georgia Institute of Technology
Chair-Elect, Virpi Turkulainen, UCD Business School
Program Chair, David Cantor, Iowa State University
PDW Chair, Rachna Shah, University of Minnesota
Past Chair, John Gray, The Ohio State University

Public and Nonprofit (PNP)

Chair, Kira Kristal Reed, Syracuse University
Chair-Elect, Deborah Elizabeth De Lange, Ryerson University
Program Chair, Shahidul Hassan, The Ohio State University
PDW Chair, Eva Witesman, Brigham Young University
Past Chair, Robert Christensen, Brigham Young University

Research Methods (RM)

Chair, John Kammeyer-Mueller, University of Minnesota
Chair-Elect, Michael S. Cole, Texas Christian University
Program Chair, Marcus Butts, Southern Methodist University
PDW Chair, Zhen Zhang, Arizona State University
Past Chair, Daniel A. Newman, University of Illinois

Strategizing Activities and Practices (SAP)

Chair, A. Paul Spee, The University of Queensland
Chair-Elect, Sotirious Paroutis, University of Warwick
Program Chair, Rajiv Nag, Drexel University
PDW Chair, Virpi Ilona Sorsa, Hanken School of Economics
Past Chair, Jane Kirsten Le, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management

Social Issues in Management (SIM)

Chair, Doug Schuler, Rice University
Chair-Elect, David Wasieleski, Duquesne University
Program Chair, Jill Ann Brown, Bentley University
PDW Chair, Andrew C. Wicks, The Darden School/UVA
Past Chair, Jamie R. Hendry, Bucknell University

Strategic Management (STR)

Chair, Mary J. Benner, University of Minnesota
Chair-Elect, Xavier Martin, Tilburg University
Program Chair, Samina Karim, Northeastern University
PDW Chair, Tim Folta, University of Connecticut
Past Chair, Brian Silverman, University of Toronto

Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)

Chair, Aija Elina Leiponen, Cornell University
Chair-Elect, Stefano Brusoni, ETH Zurich
Program Chair, Corey Phelps, McGill University
PDW Chair, Rahul Kapoor, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Past Chair, Keld Laursen, Copenhagen Business School

Board of Governors 2017-2018

Executive Committee

Mary Ann Glynn, President, Boston College
Carol T. Kulik, President-Elect, University of South Australia
Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro, Vice President & Program Chair, The London School of Economics
Quinetta Roberson, Vice President-Elect & Program Chair-Elect, Villanova University
Anita M. McGahan, Past President, University of Toronto

Representatives at Large

Stacy Blake-Beard, Simmons College, Representative at Large
Laura B. Cardinal, University of South Carolina, Representative at Large
Carrie Leana, University of Pittsburgh, Representative at Large
David Patient, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Representative at Large
Aparna Joshi, Pennsylvania State University, Representative at Large
Alison Konrad, University of Western Ontario, Representative at Large
Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld, New York University, Representative at Large
Elizabeth George, University of Auckland, Representative at Large
Christine Quinn Trank, Vanderbilt University, Representative at Large

Incoming Members

Vice President-Elect & Program Chair-Elect, 2018-2019, Herman Aguinis, George Washington University
Representative at Large, 2018-2021, Diana Bilimoria, Case Western Reserve University
Representative at Large, 2018-2021, Søren Henning Jensen, Copenhagen Business School
Representative at Large, 2018-2021, Tammy L. Madsen, Santa Clara University

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