Goal 4: Championing our External Standing

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AOM is aggressively and effectively championing the external standing of organization and management scientists as a globally led, inclusively governed association.

What does that mean for our Academy’s reputational efforts?

In 2018, the Academy took significant steps forward in promoting member research among external stakeholders. As a result, AOM’s media engagement and exposure to members’ work continued to flourish. To build upon this growing recognition, media training was offered to AOM authors at the Annual Meeting.

Top-tier journalists, from the Financial Times, Fast Company, NBC News, Inc., Bloomberg, Quartz, and more, are increasingly seeking to publish management and organization research published by AOM scholars. Our press releases were viewed by more than 1,600 journalists and released in more than 1,800 international outlets.


Public Relations

A two-year plan was launched in April 2018 to enhance AOM’s media relations. The initiative laid the groundwork for an expanded and more impactful communications program with the following goals:

1. To enhance AOM external awareness and visibility worldwide.

2. To advance management science and practice, and to enhance members’ collective status as an influential force in shaping the important business and management issues of our time.

3. To better communicate about and present the Academy’s global nature, in order to encourage greater global collaboration and opportunities.

4. To recognize the important interconnectedness between the Academy’s members and the external public.

To achieve these goals, we developed a new approach to creating and distributing AOM research in the form of practical management insights to help achieve a wider impact and greater cultural relevance among practitioners and other nonacademic audiences.

Top News Articles in 2018


Social Media

2018 saw the development of a comprehensive strategy to maximize member engagement and visibility among target audiences in social media channels. This strategy included plans to translate AOM's scholarly research into impactful storytelling for the general and informed public through multi-media content such as infographics, videos and author interviews.

As a result, we expect to see AOM research gain exposure and engagement across our social media platforms.




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