State of the Profession - Quantitative Survey Study Report

Considering the sweeping changes facing management education -- ranging from reductions in tenure track positions to the proliferation of corporate-led business education initiatives -- the state of the profession has been identified as a key strategic intent area for the AOM.

To assess and address the challenges systematically, the Board of Governors constituted a subcommittee on the State of the Profession (SOP) in 2010. Among other duties, the SOP Committee is charged with cultivating understanding within the AOM regarding the emerging professional challenges faced by our membership, and with identifying ways that the AOM might help members address these challenges.


The initial work of the SOP Committee involved commissioning a two-part membership study in 2012 to (1) identify qualitatively examples of career shocks, obstacles, and accelerators faced by our members, and (2) use these examples to create and administer a quantitative survey of members. The research was designed and carried out by Maria Kraimer, Scott Seibert, Lindsey Greco, Jordan Nielsen (all of U. of Iowa), and Leisa D. Sargent (U. of Melbourne). Based on the analysis of members’ responses, the study identified six broad areas for the SOP Committee and the Board of Governors to consider for future action:

  1. Address perceptions that the journal review process is unfair and/or biased
  2. Act more as general advocate for faculty
  3. Explore ways to help improve research funding for members
  4. Enhance/continue to develop networking/group formation opportunities via the AOM
  5. Enhance/continue to foster mentoring relationships via the AOM
  6. Enhance/continue to offer teaching resources to members

The research report is accessible in its entirety by clicking here or at left. The SOP Committee will continue working with the Board of Governors to assess these six areas and explore ways to address them.

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