2018 President's Message

President's Message


Mary Ann Glynn served as the 73rd President of the Academy of Management during the 2017-2018 term. At the Annual Meeting in Chicago, Mary Ann delivered the 2018 Presidential Address, “The Mission of Community and the Promise of Collective Action,” available to view online.

I am delighted to share our 2018 Annual Report with all members of our Academy community. I was handed the President’s gavel by my colleague, Mary Ann Glynn, in Chicago, where our Academy was founded in 1936 at the Quadrangle Club, University of Chicago. In her Presidential Address at the 2018 Annual Meeting, Mary Ann recalled AOM’s founder, Professor Charles L. Jamison, and his bold vision for our organization. She also spoke about former President Don Hambrick’s challenge to take our Annual Meeting beyond North America. As Mary Ann noted, that goal is now a reality with her announcement that the 2025 AOM Annual Meeting will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This report highlights the accomplishments of 2018 in support of our Strategic Direction and the Driving Goals that shape our collective work. We share information about new initiatives to increase the value of membership and critical recurring activities that support our global community and advance the impact of management and organization science on business and society worldwide. This Annual Report also dynamically showcases the volunteer spirit of our membership and the well-deserved recognition of our members and their world-class research. The Academy’s financial statement is provided in the concluding section of the report.

In 2018, AOM delivered on its commitment to connect members through engagement opportunities that transcend geographic boundaries by holding our first two Specialized Conferences — “Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy” and “From Start-up to Scale-up: Coping with Organizational Challenges in a Volatile Business Environment” — in Surrey, United Kingdom, and Tel Aviv, Israel, respectively. Nearly 1,000 participants attended these innovative meetings that now complement our Annual Meeting, where the Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC@AOM) was held for a sixth consecutive year in Chicago.

This was also the year of Connect@AOM, in which we laid the groundwork that enables interactive communities to flourish while also enhancing Division and Interest Group communication, volunteer leadership collaboration, and member engagement. AOM’s global relevancy and impact was taken to new heights through the introduction of Insights and wide-scale coverage of our members’ work in global media and social outlets. Insights summaries and our media relations initiative are transforming the impact of our knowledge in the workplace and for a diverse set of stakeholders and institutions around the world.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, we are deeply grateful for the countless contributions from our thousands of volunteers and members living and working around the world who are the true lifeblood of our vibrant and thriving association.

Carol T. Kulik, President,
Academy of Management 2018-2019
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